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Etched Bra, perfect fit


The key to getting the Etched Fit is achieving proper placement of the back band. The detailed construction and low positioning of the band provides 360 degree support.


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Etched Back Band


Having your correct underbust measurement is important. The band should do all the "holding" by sitting lower on the back, sloping slightly away from the cups. It should have a snug feel, like someone is hugging your back. We recommend starting with the first (loosest) set of hooks and adjusting with more wear. If you are in between sizes, you can use the middle hooks as your starting point.

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Etched Straps


Extend the length of the straps to allow the band to lay in the proper place. Adjust the straps for comfort so there is no pressure on the shoulders or tension on the band. The straps should not be loose but should allow the back band to sit low and contour your back. The support comes from back band so there is no need to tighten the straps for lift. They should sit comfortably on the shoulders.

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Etched Cups


The Etched five part seamed cup creates a round and natural shape. For proper fit, the nipple should be centered between the first and second seam, and below the top seam. Check that the center front of the bra is touching your breastbone. Breasts should be separated and enclosed within the cup, both on the sides and on top.

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 Preserve the quality of your Etched garments by hand washing with a gentle detergent in cool water. Lay flat or hang to dry. 


“I absolutely love your bra. It has changed how I look.”

- @bayberryandmain