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finding the right size


Our band sizing is different.

Etched sizing is different from traditional brands. We use the true under bust measurement without adding extra inches. If you are typically a 36, you would be a 34 or 32 in the Etched bra. Your cup size might also be different. A large percentage of women are wearing the wrong bra size, with the band usually too large and the cup too small. It's important to measure yourself to find the proper size and get the right fit.

For better accuracy please follow the below instructions to find your correct size.




Band Measurement

Start by wearing your best fitting bra.

Measure your underbust by holding the measuring tape directly under your breasts. The tape should be horizontal and parallel to the floor.

Make sure the tape is snug and not over the top of the bra you are wearing.

Your actual underbust measurement in inches is your band size.


Bust Measurement

Measure around the fullest part of your bust while keeping the measuring tape horizontal to the floor.

Make sure the tape is not "denting" the soft tissue but is resting on top.

The actual number in inches is your bust measurement and corresponds to your cup size.



Size Chart

Use your measurements from the steps above to find your size. 

Once you know your size, check our fit tips to assure you are wearing the bra as intended.


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